Our History

God called ----- we listened…

In May of 2004 the first meeting of what would become Genesis Fellowship took place. There were eleven people at the first Bible Study which was held at Pastor Mark and Cindy’s house. Rev. Jack Eades, Director of Outreach Ministries for the West Virginia Baptist Convention, was on hand to lead us in our study and it was the starting point for our church.

During the next five months we prayed, studied, shared with people and prayed some more as we took our step of faith. On October 3, 2004 we launched by having our first worship service at Andrew Jackson Middle School. We had friends, family and seekers in attendance and the fun started.

We have been blessed since the very start of Genesis Fellowship and even today as we look ahead we see much, much more. We thank Jesus Christ for the vision He has given us and all that we have accomplished, we give Him the glory.

Genesis Fellowship’s mission statement is…"Beginning, creating and living life for Jesus Christ". It doesn’t get any better than that!