Blog Entry

Laura needs our help

by Rev. Rick Pursley


As many of you know, Laura and Tim have a niece in Kentucky whose home sustained damage from the recent flooding.  It is going to be awhile before water service and other utilities are restored.  There immediate need right now is disposable water containers such as empty milk jugs etc.. where cleaning water can be transported to their home, as well as contractor or large garbage bags, totes to store items to be salvaged, and antiseptic wipes.  Laura will be making a trip this Wednesday to Kentucky.  If you have any of these items, you can drop them by Laura‚Äôs home in Scott Depot or by the church. In all likelihood, the list of needed items will change or perhaps grow in future trips.

We feel the need to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING, as we watch the news at the devastation of the flooding. This small outreach gives us the opportunity to put hands and feet on our prayers and at the same time help one of our own church family that has helped out so many over the years.

As always continue to lift up in prayer all of those affected by loss of family members, property, and the devastation that goes along with a disaster such as this.  God bless!