Blog Entry

Thank you for the prayers!

by Rev. Rick Pursley


I just want to begin by thanking each and everyone in our GF family for the prayers, private messages etc… 

In case there is anyone out there that is not aware of what I am talking about I had to be admitted to the hospital Sunday evening with appendicitis.
Sunday after service, my family and I went out for lunch and I started experiencing intense pain in the abdomen. I brushed it off as just something that would pass.  In fact we made a couple of stops on the way home. The pain continued to increase and I finally relented to Tammie’s prompting and let her take me to the E.R.  After blood work, CT scan etc… the hospital staff was able to determine that my appendix didn’t like me anymore. So I spent a very restless night in the hospital.  Monday morning my appendix was removed and I was home Monday evening.

I will be in the pulpit Sunday barring any unforeseen circumstances.  Thanks again for the love and support to all that have checked on me.  It means the world to Tammie and me to be a part of such a wonderful and caring church family.  God bless!