Blog Entry

True rest comes from God

by Rev. Rick Pursley

“ Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28
Sometimes our world can be an overwhelming and exhausting place.  It is exhausting physically and emotionally.  We can’t help but be exhausted. Everywhere around us are reminders of a world seemingly turned upside down.  It is nice to shut the world out once in awhile and escape to our happy place.  This could be a beach vacation, a trip to the mountains, a lake, or something much simpler than that. 

Tammie and I have a happy place in Pocahontas County. We can escape the news, social media and just enjoy God’s creation.  We witnessed some spectacular bald eagle sightings recently that we had not before.  Even with that, Satan wanted to steal my joy as I grew ever more frustrated as I see gasoline take another 10 cent on the gallon jump.  My heart goes out to those who have to pay fuel cost as part of their business expense.  Summer is not even here yet and already we are seeing businesses and homes struggle. Nobody in government wants to take ownership of the financial woes of our nation. But that is too close to getting into a political discussion, so I will leave that thought alone.

Bottom line is we are tired. What I have discovered as I grow older, true hope, true peace, and true rest comes from one source and that is God. We have limited control of our government that we exercise at the voting booth every couple of years.  But we can always choose to draw closer to God who is ultimately in control.  He and He alone is the true source of our peace and rest.