Handicapped & Senior Citizen Parking

Handicapped and Senior Citizen parking is available by the front entrance of the church and to the left of our handicapped accessible ramp.

Parking Information

There are a variety of areas around the church to park. Please select a parking area listed below to view a map with an outlined area where parking is permitted.

Parking is available on Sundays and after 5:30 p.m. weekdays, unless otherwise noted or posted.

Parking is not allowed at Wendy's or any business establishment not listed below.

Parking Areas

Area 1 — Snodgrass Funeral Home

Snodgrass Funeral Home

Parking at Snodgrass Funeral Home

Area 2 — City National Bank

City National Bank

Parking at City National Bank

Area 3 — Street Parking

Street Parking

Parking on the Street

Area 4 — Strip Mall

Strip Mall

Strip Mall

Area 5 — Lorrison Pools & Spas Inc.

Lorrison Pools & Spas Inc.

Parking at Lorrison Pools & Spas Inc.

Area 6 — Park and Ride

Park and Ride

Parking at Park and Ride