Led By: Pam Johnson

Little Lambs (newborn-2yrs)

GFKZ Ages 0-2This nursery is equipped with quality beds, blankets, toys and cleaning supplies. We strive to maintain a safe, secure and clean area for the children to have fun and play in. Our goal is to assure each parent who gives us the responsibility to watch their child that they are in good hands with us. This nursery holds dear newborns to two years old and we encourage each parent to bring them back as soon as they arrive so that we can care for them and you can experience God in a new and vibrant way in our worship service.

Toddlers (3yrs-5yrs)

GFKZ Ages 3-5Our toddler area is just as nice as our nursery. We have quality equipment and loving hands to help and hold your little ones from 3 years old to Kindergarten. We play with and then teach a little lesson to this age group. We feel that they are old enough for a short devotion and our teachers are ready to help them learn. We also are fortunate to have – right outside their door – a brand new fenced in playground for this age group. It is one of the many advantages about our church meeting inside of the YMCA! The toddlers can be brought back to the toddler area when the GKZ is released prior to the Praise & Worship band starting their set before the preaching begins.