Almost Heaven Archers

Led By: Pastor Mark JarrellAlmost Heaven Archers

Almost Heaven Archers is open to all who would like to learn to shoot a bow and arrow and enjoy this wonderful world of archery. We meet every second Monday night of each month at Cabalas in their meeting room on Corridor G. The meetings start a 7 p.m. and last approximately one hour with a guest speaker and devotion. It is an exciting time of fellowship, fun and learning about what God can do in our lives. We also hold 3D shoots, critter dinners, seminars, banquets and learning events which provide the opportunity to share Jesus Christ and the sport of archery.

We are very involved with teaching this sport to children, students, women and men who haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy archery. It is our goal to complete the mission statement of this ministry which is: “to be a ministry to the bowhunting and archery world. Seeking to exalt and serve Jesus Christ by leading lost people to Him, and encouraging Christian growth.”

What AHA Does:

  • We provide a united voice of Christian archers and bowhunters in West Virginia
  • We promote a biblical truth that God is the Creator and Savior of the world
  • We have a Sunday night preaching ministry which travels all over the state of West Virginia
  • We foster an awareness of man’s personal accountability to God
  • We teach the foundations & fundamentals of archery and Christianity
  • We challenge archers & bowhunters to allow the Lordship of Christ to govern their individual lives
  • We provide helps and tools for sharing one’s faith in Christ with others
  • We share the common joy and experience of archery and bowhunting with others
  • We foster faith, fun and fellowship among the archers and bowhunters of WV
Come out and experience how God’s awesome outdoors, his great gift of archery and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can make your life better!

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